Tell us what it’s like being an architect in London?

London is the place to go to study architecture and become an Architect.  It is the best in the world.  I was born here, grew up and studied here, and now I am so happy I have my business right in the heart of the capital.  It is amazing to develop your design acumen in a city which is so influential to global economic, social and political values held around the world.

Simone De Gale striking up a conversation with the Dutchess of Cambrige
Simone De Gale and the Duchess of Cambridge

Most of your work centres on architectural design – what attracted you to this area?

I love exploring form and function.  Form is so incredible to work with, to control and develop a piece of artwork in the sky, which also acts as a place to inhabit, a place to be, and a space for communities to evolve.  This is a great attraction for me.

What influences and inspires your designs?

I am always developing my own creative signature style.  It is something which my clients specifically come to me for, and allows people to immediately recognize my work.  This has a great influence on what I do.

From your experience, what makes an intelligent design concept?

An intelligent design concept is created by listening to the client’s requirements, and responding by embodying exactly what they would like within your proposal.   Then you take it further, and start to take the client on a journey of evolution as they are incentivised to go on this journey of architectural exploration and design with you.  It becomes a story and a memory which is embedded into your life.

So, how do you approach the initial concepts for your designs?

I always start with the brief, and do a large amount of research into the latest technologies and designs trending in the market.  This ensures I’m up to date.  I then like to think about how I am going to set a precedent with the project, something that is within budget and achievable, but goes that step further to enable the client to see that the project is the best it could possibly be.

Could you share a design with us that you’re most proud of?

My favourite design to date is my Spherical Art Gallery.  This design is based on the concept of pure geometry.  The perfect sphere forms the envelope of the art gallery, and a logarithmic spiral is the procession of circulation through the exhibition spaces.  Technically, it is very difficult to achieve, yet with structural design and technologies developing all the time, it will be built in the future.

spherical art gallery

For more information, visit Simone de Gale Architects.


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